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Native Smart is a mobile content marketing and content distribution platform, bar none!

We’ve developed the first mobile content private exchange platform and network.

Native Smart is a technology that can distribute genuine content pages and social video into mobile apps and mobile sites for both iOS and Android.

We like to call these dynamic pages “snips” because of all the new and amazing things they can accommodate.  

“snips” are not ad units, but more like web pages that can host content articles, social video and even content channels, such as websites or widgets.

“snips” are served in between other content pages on websites or apps via our proprietary server, which we call “Flash blog”.

Our technology gives any publisher the ability to “flash blog” or reach their full mobile audience and message them with any piece of content hosted anywhere on the web.

Since Native Smart pages are ‘native’ – this means that this page is apart of a mobile website or mobile app’s brand and presence. Now your content is on any app. Your Facebook or YouTube video is on any mobile website, presented to any user.

It’s amazing to think that, before Native Smart, there was no way for most mobile apps to distribute or present content mediums such as articles, YouTube videos, Facebook walls at all.

“Snips” and our “Flashblog” server is pretty awesome, and on top of that these two elements are combined into what we call “Audience Box”, where any influencer or brand can have their own server and dashboard and private exchange of niche websites or apps that they can continually broadcast content to with the click of a button.

  • <snip> is not blocked by ad blockers.
  • <snip> guarantees five seconds of full screen viewability.
  • <snip> servers prevent false traffic from mobile bot or mobile fraud networks. 100% of our natural audience is true, clean and premium.
  • <snip> allows publishers higher CPM’s, cleaner and scalable monetization.
  • <snip> offers publishers and social influencers total and complete audience reach.
  • <snip> allows publishers to offer and convert new media market products, like CPM, CPV, CPI, CPC, or CPA.
  • <snip> offers 100% transparency between publishers and advertisers.
  • <snip> gives publishers and social influencers the ability to negotiate with their audience, trading user awareness and engagement in exchange for removing all advertisements (without the need to track them via cookies).
  • <snip> is highly adaptable to innovative and adopting content platforms. No matter what the trend, <snip> can trend with them.  This is vital in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Smart Audience

Native Smart technology offers a new paradigm solution, a resolution between online mobile users, content publishers, and brands or advertisers.

Native Smart introduces a new value exchange between user and publisher with Open Content Swap.  

Open Content Swap gives publishers the ability to offer sponsors premium engagements, show users less ads and presents a clear alternative that assigns value to users attention instead of abusing it.

Native Smart gives both publishers and sponsors the ability to work directly or independently.  Finally there is a way to obtain a high-quality, truly engaged online audience without having to deal with an ad network.

Want to see it?  Download our App or contact us for a demo.

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