Will Ad Block put creative agency/network ‘The Deck’ out of business?



We aren’t the ones asking this question… FastCo Design is.  Their post, “Will The Deck survive iOS ad blocker onslaught?” has John Pavlus sitting down with Jim Coudal and (quite frankly) asking him if The Deck was ‘fucked’.  Apparently the reply is “yes.”

The corner that mobile advertising has painted itself into, according to Coudal, is defined by a lack of the same design savvy that The Deck monetizes. “There’s always been sneaky shit in online advertising,” he says. “But as mobile clickthrough declines, the industry response hasn’t been to find newer and better ways to present ads. It’s been an arms race to come up with more bullshit to serve more of the same.”

We’re a big fan of The Deck.  Sure, they’re an ad network – but they are not the ad network users hate, they’re the ad network users love. Primarily because The Deck puts high-end design and creativity into their campaigns and they curate publishers for taste, not a quick buck.

Our two cents?  No, The Deck will not go out of business – especially  if they use Native Smart, which is ad block-proof.  Ad block does not work on Native Smart because “smart” pages distribute content, not ad display.

Users hate advertising, except when they like it.  The Deck has been a pioneer in leaning advertising towards content.

With Native Smart technology, they could distribute their savvy campaigns at equal or greater scale, direct to publisher… and never worry about ad block again.