The Mobile Web’s dark secret… bots and how we block them.

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2016 started with Media Post‘s expose on mobile bot traffic accounting for – they claim – 34% of all advertising traffic and robbing $2-$4B a year in ad dollars.

How do mobile bots infiltrate mobile website traffic?  What advertisers and promoters of content do not realize is that the programmatic exchanges aren’t very particular when it comes to the reach of a publisher’s audience.  All mobile websites have various audience channels – that is, different ways a user comes to their site.

For many mobile websites, search and social referrers can dominate their audience.  The problem with search and social referrers is two fold.  First, it’s not necessarily a dedicated audience, especially from social sites like Facebook where click bait can run supreme.  Less dedicated audiences mean less engaged audiences.

The other problem with social referrers on mobile websites is where the mobile bots come from. They arrive to mobile websites through the social network referrers.

Only Native Smart technology is smart enough, experienced enough and wise enough to know which audience channel is likely to engage on a publisher’s mobile website (and which isn’t).

What we do is simply not show our “smart” page to a mobile website’s audience coming from social referrers or search.  We only show “smart” pages to mobile website’s dedicated users who arrive through specific audience channels that our SmartOps team can easily target.

And with one simple check on a box on our dashboard, 100% of ALL mobile bots and fraudulent traffic is blocked.

Cheers everyone and Happy New Year!