iOS 9 will allows users to block ad networks on iPhones and iPads

Apparently, Apple is willing to block Google in reaching the mobile marketplaces. iOS 9 will easily allow any iPhone or iPad user to block ads (and ad networks) from Safari.

Apple, of course, won’t be blocking iAd for it’s mobile app developers, making the app world the last battleground in Google and Apple‘s mobile turf war to deliver display advertising and scale to mobile app developers.

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Yet the mediation platforms, exchanges, networks and even iAd are putting app developers in an increasingly devalued position.

The marketing and advertising world is trending away from networks and into direct to publisher native content and advertising.  Both Google and Apple deny their developers the ‘human touch’ that media buyers and planners are looking to work with.

Native Smart technology enables any mobile web or app publisher to allow a third party the ability to customize a content ‘page’ on that mobile site or app.  These “smart” pages can then be filled with true content mediums, like YouTube videos, Facebook videos or sharing walls, web articles, Hulu clips, Vine videos or animated gifs.

Content marketing is the future of advertising and promotions.  Everyone hates ads, except when they like them.

Users love content, and the media savvy players in 2015 understand that marketing through content is a more user-friendly and appealing way to promote awareness (rather than boring display ads, re-messaging and the big data disappointment).

So, while iOS 9 may be blocking display ads, it won’t be blocking Native Smart, because we are not an ad network.

In the battle for the media marketplace between Apple and Google, both forgot that content is king, and therefore the future of the digital advertising marketplace.

By stifling innovation in true native content delivery at scale, Apple and Google are hurting their app developers by making them suffer through the low-paying mobile display world as their only means of monetization.

Native Smart allows any mobile publisher to free themselves from the shackles of the ad networks – and tap into true content and engagement marketing for three-fold CPMs that the networks offer.

Native Smart gives publishers the option to have a discussion with their users, offer them more content… and even fewer ads.

Native Smart is a product whose time has come.