How ad tech is destroying the web, report.

Kalkis research just published a monumental, and not surprising, report stating the ugly effect ad technology is having on the web, the problem with fraudulent traffic and clickbait methods being gamed by the adtech industry.

Consistent with most adtech reporting, they site adblockers and the trend to use them as the revolt against this evolution.

“Clickbait and traffic laundering, how ad tech is destroying the web is an impressive executive summary of the problem.

Sobering to the report is the lack of a solution. More concerning is the report mentions Facebook becoming the dominant referrer for content now instead of Google. For mobile websites, social media referrers such as Facebook are also where mobile bots can slip into a website. That’s something Native Smart can block.

Native Smart technology is a full solutions suite for publishers, advertising agents and brands, and more importantly users. A way to ‘start fresh’ and reward all of the players in the web ecosystem.

Adblockers do not work on Native Smart technology. Additionally – mobile bots and fraud are blocked by our servers. More exciting, ‘click bait’ type audiences, who are not dedicated audiences to a publisher, are also blocked by Native Smart.

Native Smart’s serving technology identifies premium audiences who are dedicated to a publisher and offers both the publisher and the advertiser access to them in a clean and transparent fashion.

Additionally, Native Smart is rewarding to the user. It offers a fair exchange between publisher, consumer and advertiser and suggests a new standardization for the monetized web.

After all, all IAB standardization and Google’s ad influence has created the foundation for a corrupt web – and Native Smart is the emerging solution to this very complex problem.