About Audience Unlock

Audience Unlock is the agency side of Native Smart technology, and we are comprised of a well-seasoned and experienced team of strategic business development partners,  media planners and strategists who have spent a decade perfecting the art of online audience development. 

Our investors, clients, advisors and partners love us :)


Rome Viharo | Founder

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An early innovator in digital content, Rome has been in audience development since 2005, producing digital, social and viral media for Anonymous Content experimental V3 before establishing his own boutique viral media consultancy in Los Angeles.  Within two years, he was a prime point-man for strategic agencies, celebrities, marketing companies, brands and studios… sought after for his unique approach to audience development and building critical mass online.

In 2010, he formed Media Social, which developed the first brand-safe, transparent YouTube social video product that became adopted by a half-dozen Superbowl campaigns, used by agencies and brands around the world (such as GroupM, OMD, Google, Visa and Audi to name a few).

Within one year, he sold Media Social.  Afterward, Rome developed what is now Native Smart, a proprietary technology built upon years of online problem solving for audiences, publishers, agencies, brands and studios.


Michael Becker | COO


Michael Becker helps bridge the gap between content, media and technology drawing from over 30 years of experience in film and television production, most recently producing television programs and content for The Discovery Channel, SyFy Channel, and Planet Green.

“Producing a TV Show has been a great model for me to encourage new startups to learn from previous tech companies and entrepreneurs.  Every show I’ve worked on began just like a startup… with demanding schedules, quick acceleration, financial diligence and team building.”


Vincent Fleischacker | Director, SmartOps


Vincent has been managing ad-tech operations for almost 10 years.  Mediating between business development and technology allowed him to create new products, improve procedures and establish new revenue streams with companies such as AOL, Yahoo and Google.

Expanding his role in various organizations, he managed to broaden his field of expertise by overseeing media and audience acquisition divisions.